30mm U Type Fork Optical Photoelectric Sensors

Quick Details Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Brand Name:OMCHModel Number:HE3S-GS30Usage:Position Sensor Theory:ptical Sensor Output:Switching TransducerCertification:CE ROHSDetection Type:diffuse, reflective, through beam type Dimension: 20*52*7

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Sm23c Cantilever Type Load Cell Double Shear Beam

Circuit Diagram:Red: +input Blue: -input White: -output Yellow: +output Item\ParameterC3UnitRated load(Emax):1.5~3tMaximal numbers of load cell cerification.Intrevals (NlC):3000dMaximal numbers of load cell cerification.Intrevals (NIC):0.01% of ratedloadRated output(Cn):2.0±0.1%mV/V*Com

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Sm20 Cantilever Type Load Cell - Double Shear Beam

Customization:CAP./SIZEL1L2L3L4L5ΦD1ΦD2ΦD3ΦD4H1H2kg/mm10,20,30,50,100,200126821816448.28.225.5322020250,300,500200120451580141330524025Ib/inches(conversion of above dimensions ) 44.09,66.14,110.23,220.4649.6132.287.096.3017.323.233.2310.0412.607.877.87551.16,661.39,1102.3178.7447.241

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System Professional Wireless Smart TPMS

Car Digital Tire Pressure Alarm Monitor System Bluetooth 4.0 TPMS With 4 External Sensor Support Phone APPProduct DescriptionCigarette Lighter :1. Cigarette Displayer can be Moved for best view angle.2. With USB Charging Port for Mobile Phone Charging.3. Tires' Pressure data Shew on the Same LCD Dis

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OIML C3 Analog Digital Weighbridge Load Cells for Truck Scales

OIML C3 Analog Digital Weighbridge Load Cells for Truck Scales1. Alloy steel or stainless material, stable and reliable performance2.Simple installation and debugging, good interchangeability3. Self-restoring function, laser welded, IP684. Optimized for parallel connection by corner pre-adjustment5.

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O3 SO2 NO2 CO Cl2 Br2 CH2O ETO Alc CO H2 H2O2 H2S HCl HBr HCN NH3 NO PH3 SiH4 O2 Gas Sensor Detector with Transmitter Board

Gas Module IntroductionFAD gas module with two/three wire TTL/0-20mA/RS485 output, integrates toxic gas sensor + transmitter board. Adopting imported advanced electrochemical gas sensors, it has features of high accuracy, long lifetime, high stability and high anti-interference. The module is design

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Cable Connection 0-2m Fuel Level Sensor with 10 M Cable in Stock

Stainless Steel Cable Connection 0-2m Fuel Level Sensor with 10 m Cable in stockQST-201 series liquid level transmitters are consisting of well-sealed immerging oil-filled liquid level transducers and special circuit for manometers. Have characteristics of high precision, good stability, long life a

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Light Weight Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Sensor

light weight Ultrasonic distance measuring sensorSpecification ItemTransmitterCenter frequency40.0±1.0KHzSPL≥110dBSensitivity-------Directivity60°±15°Capacitance2300±30%pFHousing materialAluminum or PlasticMeasure distance0.2~18mDriving Voltage≤40VrmsOp

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PP / Stainless steel magnetic liquid water float level switch sensor

Liquid Water float level switch sensor for water tankModel NO.PictureMaterialInstallation5CFS-YZ-4PPPlasticHorizontal5CFS-1045-1APPPlasticVertical5CFS-1045-1CSUS304SUS316Stainless steelVertical5CFS-107761-1CSUS304SUS316Stainless steelHorizontal

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10ton Stainless Steel Shear Beam Load Cell (GX-1)

Product Description10ton stainless steel shear beam load cell(GX-1)Our compression or tension load cell, 10ton stainless steel shear beam load cell(GX-1)is made of high quality alloy steel, stainless steel or aluminum.The accuracy of our 10ton stainless steel shear beam load cell(GX-1)can reach 0.03

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Car Position Sensor, OEM: F01r064915. Geely/Dongfeng Well-off.

Introduction:The throttle position sensor is also called the throttle opening sensor or the throttle switch. Its main function is to detect the engine is in idle condition or load condition, is the acceleration condition or the deceleration condition. It is essentially a can and a few switches, on t

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S Type Tension and Compression Load Cell

Applications1.Mainly applied in tension and compression testing instruments and automatic equipments fields, such as small range of force testing instruments,hopper scales, insertion force test instruments, riveting machine, welding machine, hot & cold lamination machine, feeling tester for keyboard

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1: 2000 High Accuracy Wide Band Current Sensor CT

Mechanical SpecificationDescription¨ 50-20k Hz,Single Phase,AC Current Sensor ¨ Dynamic Range from 0.25to 6Amps ¨ Linearity

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Single Point Beam Load Cell for Weighing Scale (B702)

1. Name: High accuracy stainless steel shearBeam Load Cells for weighing scales2. Material: stainless steel3. Capacity: 0.55-4.4t4. Accuracy: C3l Made of stainless steell High accuracy, high side load tolerancel Easy to install, IP68 protectionl Mainly used for electronic scales, hopper scales, pack

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Ppm-T322h Pressure Sensor for General Industrial Application

Model PPM-T322H Pressure Sensor for General Industrial ApplicationDescriptionThe model PPM-T322H pressure transmitter is the ideal solution for customers with demanding performance requirements in many industrial application.It features high accuracy, extended temperature ranges, high stability, hig

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Cyx-19 Silicon Oil Filled Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

SummaryThe Piezoresistive pressure sensor imported high precision, high stability force sensitive chips, adopted advanced technology, military industry production conditions and equipment manufacturing delicately. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, aviation, medical equi

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Fast Response Water Heater Ntc Thermistor Temperature Sensor Probe Mfp Series

MFP series temperature sensor using the NTC resistance element, according to the different temperature environment or application, through the mature technology, fabricate into a variety of specifications of the sensor, customers can use directly without fabricating.Technical Data:ItemTemperatureSen

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Lhe-7 Stainless Steel Bending Beam Load Cell

About usLiheng Electronic is the load cell manufacturer with 29 years experience.We have our own engineers, can provide customized service with professional instruction and advice.Main products:Variousdigital and analogweighingload cells.Materials: Stainless steeCantilever beam structure, hermetical

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Integrated Temperature Transmitter with Thermocouple Rtd 4-20mA Output

Introduction* SBWR Serial thermocouple temperature transmitter and SBWZ serial RTD temperature transmitter is a spot mounted temperature transmission unit in DDZ-S serial instruments and meters.*It adopts the two-wire transmission method (the power input and the signal output are two communal conduc

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9LEDs Three Color Version Color Changing Touch Switch Photocell Sensor LED Night Light with Adaptor

KA-NL378B 9LEDs Three color version color changing Touch Switch LED Night light with Adaptor Specification:1) LED quantity: 9 Leds, 3 x white, 3 x green and 3 x blue 2) Power:16A/250V~ , 3680 W 3) Function: CDS function: day-night sensor;

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